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English and other languages

How to translate the pages in your own language or English:

Follow the steps below:

  1.  Select the information that you want to translate.
  2.  Click on translate and choose the language in the list of your choice.

In the last photo you can see how the information will be displayed.


Meer informatie

  • Telephone menu translation


    For life-threatening situations or matters that cannot wait until a later moment, test 1.
    Otherwise, listen to this tape completely. For training purposes, the conversations with the assistants are recorded.
    A choice menu now follows.
    For urgent appointments and prescriptions, you can only call before half past ten.
    To order repeat medication choose 2
    Call for results, choose 3
    To cancel an appointment choose 4 *
    If you want to speak to the assistant, choose 5
    * please press 1 to be called back for English
      - press 1 to be called back on this phone number
      - press 2 to be called back on a other phone number
    Are you a medical specialist or colleague choose 6
    See our website for more information. www.huisartsencentrumkleiniterson.nl
    * When the option "Cancel appointment" (option 4) is selected, you will hear the following text:
    "Say your name, date of birth and date & time of the appointment. We will remove the appointment from our system for you."